World’s Top 10 Highest Paid Managers in Football

In the high-stakes world of professional football, the spotlight often shines brightly on the players, but it’s the managers who orchestrate the on-field success and drive the strategies behind the scenes. Managing top-tier football teams is a high-pressure job that demands not only tactical brilliance but also exceptional leadership and people management skills. These responsibilities are reflected in their substantial paychecks. Here, we delve into the world’s top ten highest paid football managers, as reported by Sport.

World's Top 10 Highest Paid Managers in Football

🇦🇷 Diego Simeone [Atletico de Madrid] – £30m

Leading the list is Diego Simeone, the enigmatic Argentine at the helm of Atletico de Madrid. Known for his intense passion and tactical acumen, Simeone has transformed Atletico into a formidable force in European football. His annual salary of £30 million is a testament to his success, which includes multiple La Liga titles and consistent performances in the Champions League. Simeone’s philosophy revolves around defensive solidity and counter-attacking prowess, making Atletico a tough opponent for any team.


🇪🇦 Pep Guardiola [Manchester City] – £20m

Pep Guardiola, the innovative Spaniard, ranks second with an annual salary of £20 million at Manchester City. Guardiola’s influence on modern football is profound, often credited with popularizing the “tiki-taka” style of play during his tenure at Barcelona. At Manchester City, he has continued his legacy of success, securing multiple Premier League titles and domestic trophies. Guardiola’s focus on possession-based football and relentless attacking play has set new standards in the Premier League.


🇩🇪 Jurgen Klopp [Liverpool FC] – £16m


Jurgen Klopp, the charismatic German manager of Liverpool FC, earns £16 million annually. Klopp’s tenure at Liverpool has been marked by a resurgence in the club’s fortunes, highlighted by a Champions League victory in 2019 and a long-awaited Premier League title in 2020. Known for his “gegenpressing” style, which emphasizes high-intensity pressing and quick transitions, Klopp has revitalized Liverpool into one of the most dynamic teams in world football.

🏴 Steven Gerrard [Al-Ettifaq] – £15.2m


Steven Gerrard, a Liverpool legend as a player, now commands a substantial salary of £15.2 million as the manager of Al-Ettifaq in Saudi Arabia. Gerrard’s managerial journey began at Rangers in Scotland, where he ended Celtic’s dominance by winning the Scottish Premiership. His move to Al-Ettifaq signifies the growing financial power of Middle Eastern football leagues and their ambition to attract high-profile footballing talent.


🇮🇹 Massimiliano Allegri [Juventus] – £11.3m

Massimiliano Allegri, the Italian tactician, earns £11.3 million per year at Juventus. Allegri’s return to Juventus marked the beginning of another chapter in his successful career, during which he led the club to multiple Serie A titles in his previous stint. Known for his pragmatic approach and ability to adapt his tactics to different situations, Allegri aims to restore Juventus to its former glory in both domestic and European competitions.

🇩🇪 Thomas Tuchel [Bayern Munich] – £10.6m


Thomas Tuchel, another German mastermind, earns £10.6 million annually at Bayern Munich. Tuchel’s managerial credentials were solidified with his Champions League triumph at Chelsea. At Bayern, he is tasked with maintaining the club’s dominance in the Bundesliga and achieving European success. Tuchel is known for his tactical flexibility and meticulous preparation, qualities that have made him a highly respected figure in football management.

🇦🇷 Mauricio Pochettino [Chelsea F.C] – £10.4m

Mauricio Pochettino, the Argentine manager of Chelsea FC, takes home £10.4 million per year. Pochettino is renowned for his work at Tottenham Hotspur, where he developed a young squad and led them to the Champions League final in 2019. At Chelsea, he faces the challenge of managing a star-studded squad and competing for top honors in both domestic and European competitions.

🇮🇹 Carlo Ancelotti [Real Madrid C.F.] – £9.6m

Carlo Ancelotti, the experienced Italian manager of Real Madrid, earns £9.6 million annually. Ancelotti’s illustrious career includes multiple Champions League victories with different clubs, including his recent success with Real Madrid. Known for his calm demeanor and ability to manage high-profile players, Ancelotti continues to be a stabilizing force at one of the world’s most prestigious football clubs.

🇱🇺 Erik Ten Hag [Manchester United] – £9m

Erik Ten Hag, the Dutch manager of Manchester United, receives an annual salary of £9 million. Ten Hag made his name at Ajax, where he led the team to impressive domestic success and a memorable run to the Champions League semi-finals. At Manchester United, he is tasked with restoring the club’s competitive edge and challenging for major trophies. Ten Hag’s emphasis on youth development and attacking football aligns with United’s traditional philosophy.

🇵🇹 Jose Mourinho [Fenerbahçe] – £8.5m

Jose Mourinho, the charismatic Portuguese manager, earns £8.5 million annually at Fenerbahçe. Mourinho’s career is adorned with numerous trophies, including Champions League titles with Porto and Inter Milan, and league titles in multiple countries. Known for his defensive solidity and tactical ingenuity, Mourinho aims to bring success to Fenerbahçe and enhance his legacy in football management.

The Financial Dynamics of Football Management

The lucrative salaries of these top managers reflect the immense pressure and expectations placed on them. In the modern game, a manager’s role goes beyond just tactics; they are brand ambassadors, media personalities, and crucial to player development and morale. Clubs invest heavily in managers who can bring success and elevate the club’s global standing.

Moreover, the geographical spread of these top-earning managers highlights the globalization of football. From Europe to the Middle East, the demand for top managerial talent transcends borders, driven by the commercial growth of football leagues worldwide.


World’s Top 10 Highest Paid Managers in Football.The world’s highest-paid football managers are not only compensated for their tactical knowledge and leadership skills but also for their ability to handle the immense pressures that come with managing top-tier clubs. Their substantial salaries are a reflection of the significant impact they have on the success and commercial appeal of their respective teams. As football continues to grow globally, the role of the manager remains pivotal, ensuring that the beautiful game thrives both on and off the pitch.

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